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Love Relationships in Horoscope – Astrology


Love Relationships In Horoscope – Astrology: Love, when we listen the word or see the word anywhere our mind goes to a different realm. That may be dreamy stage or the practical, we just like to feel that word. The word caries trust, closeness and much more. (compatibility sign in birth chart or kundli).


To get a real love really you have to be enough lucky, because it is so rare nowadays that you can compare with water in desert. Now you can ask me that so what about them whom we see everyday in the park, discos, pubs and so many places walking together, having food together and sharing their everything with each other? If that couples are not in love so what they are doing? In my word, maximum of them are just maintaining a relationship which is based on ‘give and take’ policy, based on some conditions, sometimes it may be related to your look or money or how successful you are etc. And believe me dear, where there is ‘condition’ love cannot exist there. Now you can think what the hell is this ‘Love’ can be unconditional also! Yes, real love is totally unconditional and only knows to give, do not expect anything in return. I have seen so many love marriages, they had maintained a relationship of several years and after that, they got married and just within one year of marriage they appealed for divorce in the court. Do you know why it had happened? Because they didn’t know but their relationships were based on ‘give and take policy’ only.

Ok now let’s stop discussing about love affairs in general and let’s concentrate on how to find love indications from your chart.


How to find Love Indications in Chart/ Horoscope (Love relationship astrology)


To get the clue, you have to look at

  1. The 5th house & its lord,
  2. Venus, Jupiter,
  3. 11th house and its lord,
  4. Planets associated with 5th house or lord,
  5. The transit of above planets.

Now let’s see their significations


5th house: The house of love and Romance.

11th house: The house of fulfillment of any relationship, and to get new relationship too.

Venus: The signification planet of love, romance & sex.

Jupiter: To keep the relationship intact and obviously the planet of real/unconditional & pure love.

Transit: When the relation will come in and go away from your life.

5th house, its associate planets & Venus bring relationships in life. But, both of them have to be enough strong to bring relationships in your life. For example, if Venus is combusted or debilitated so there would be contacts with opposite sex but that wouldn’t convert into a love relationship. Reason behind (not converting into love relationship) that will depend upon who is influencing Venus, and in which sign the Venus is.

If the Sun is responsible so your ego would be the barrier, you won’t find enough room around to make the relationship easy. Like this, according to the characteristics of planets the relationship will suffer.

If the fifth house is afflicted badly by malefic planets and houses (sixth, eighth & 12th house and their lords) won’t last for long.

A Love relationship will build up successfully or not that totally depends upon – the connection between 1st, 5th, 11th house & lastly Venus. Whether the relationship will remain intact or not that will depend upon the Jupiter’s association with them and without the influence of ‘Dusthana House’ or their lords – 6th, 8th & 12th. Jupiter or any benefic planet will give life to the relationship and “Dusthana Lord” will always ruin that or give death.

Planetary transit or “gochar” will tell you about the month and year of any, – whether it is a matter of getting a new relationship or losing the existing one. That means, in which month you are going to get love relationship or going to lose the existing one, that can be known from the transit of above mentioned planets.

Finally ‘Mahadasa’ and ‘Antardasa’. Period of planets should be related to 5th house or its lord and Venus.

If above conditions are fulfilled so you are going to get a love relationship, but, do you know whether you are in real love or infatuation, or your partner really loves you or not? Let’s discuss that in details……








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