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Vasthu Consultant in India


We would like to introduce ourselves as a Vasthu consultant in India which is totally focused on services related to Vasthu Shastra.


Astro Vasthu Consultancy is an organization which is fully committed to the expansion of Vasthu Shastra and has taken initiative to bring our Vedic culture back by evolving in Vasthu Shastra. We do the candid endeavor in expanding the knowledge of Vasthu, which was lost in the eminence of the modern culture; we are making people aware about the science which is very natural. We provide services for commercial, residential, spiritual and educational projects. We provide easy Vasthu solution at Nominal cost.

Mr.M.Prabaharan is one of the eminent Vasthu Expert in India offering his services in TamilNadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. He provides consultation on Vasthu Consultancy Services, Vasthu Direction, Vasthu Shastra Consultant, Vasthu Tip, Vasthu Facing, Vasthu Shastra Consultancy etc. Mr.Prabaharan differentiate himself from all other Vasthu specialists by integrate latest technological advancements with traditional wisdom. Astro Vasthu consultancy is amongst very few consultants in Chennai and TamilNadu who have expertise in corrections without demolitions. We have achieved expeditious qualification from the prominent institutes of India.





Education & Research


Mr.Prabaharan is an eminent person in the field of vasthu, astrology, numerology & gemology. He started his education in this field at the age 20. He completed his Bachelor degree and master degree at SASTRA University (Tanjore) in Astrology department. Due to his research attitude he made his master of philosophy about astrology in KAMARAJ University (Madurai), now he completed his research about “Planet MARS and MANGAL dosha” in astrology and got Doctorate in philosophy (Ph.D – TAMIL University - Tanjore).




Now he is an expert in astro related subjects (Astrology, Vasthu, Numerology & Gemology) and practicing it around 30 years. Took various astrology classes in some universities in Tamil Nadu.

  • SASTRA University, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu.
  • PERIYAR University, Salem, Tamil Nadu.
  • TAMIL University, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu.

He founded new calculation method in modern astrology to frame birth chart, modern numerology system called Astro Numerology and new methods of modern vasthu system with dimension particulars. He made several research on horoscopes and discovers new things with respect to current life style criteria. Most of the astrologer gives the common terminology for particular chart system but here he concludes some new theories and concept for predictions for this new era. Now lots and lots of people benefited by means of their life after attending the sessions at ASTRO GRADUATE RESEARCH CENTRE.

ASTRO GRADUATE RESEARCH CENTRE: A Centre which faces numerous research outputs in the field of astrology.


Why we choose Astro base for Numerology, Vasthu and gemology?


Astrology is a theory of ancient scientific mathematics. It discovers per person detail by means of planets in our galaxy. Everything which related to astro base gives more perfection in calculations.


For Example


A man needs a vasthu solution for the direction in his favor. Mr.M.Prabaharan sir did it by using his birth horoscope and concludes a particular direction favor for his positive upliftment in life.”